Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Hope and Weather

Then I felt the strong wind
Heard a small voice sayin'
The storm is over
                                             The storm is over now
And I can see the sunshine
                                            Somewhere beyond the clouds
I feel Heaven, yeah
                                             Heaven is over me
Come on and set me free


Ich will die Sonne wieder sehen.
Aber nur am Himmel, denn in meinem Leben ist viel Sonne im Moment.
Kennst du diese Momente, wenn du einfach lächeln musst, vollkommen grundlos? Nur weil du irgendwie glücklich bist. Kein Grund nötig :D

I need to see the sunshine again. 
But only in the sky because in my life is much sun in the moment. 
You know these moments when you have to smile out of nothing? Just because you are somehow happy. No reason needed :D

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