Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Loving life sometimes is so easy. My room now has a new colour and a new floor. The weather is just amazing and colours are brightening up my day everywhere in addition. And sometimes little details are the best in everything. The smile of someone on the street, the sun warming your bare arms, don't killing anybody with the car.
Wait, what? Yes, today I had my first driving lesson. And tomorrow the next one! I like driving ;)
The croissant for breakfast and eating lunch outside in the sun really were the best parts of today.
I was the example for how you experience colour in biology class today because OF COURSE I wore the brightest outfit...And it was not like I was dressing with extreme colour blocking. I just had a pink-white pullover and a blue jeans on.
Whatever, I hope the next days will be just as good!

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