Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Accessorize my life, please!

My favourite store for assesoires is definitely Accessorize. I have a big store here in Düsseldorf and they always have something for me. My favourite pieces are my New-York-necklace (statue of liberty) and my ankle bracelet that looks like something an arabian princess owns. Next I'd like to invest into a bracelet. Here are my favourites:

Some paradise on my arm. I imagine that this will look great on tanned skin!

Holiday charms. Sweet and another reminder of the wonderful times I have in summer. 

Simply beautiful and looking like something my rich grandaunt gave me.

Not my favourite style but I like the text :)


  1. I absolutely love that gold bracelet! Looks so expensive though :-) xoxoxoo

  2. They really are a more beautiful than the other second I loved the bracelet, so cute!