Samstag, 5. Februar 2011


Bei Featuring... kommen mal andere zum Wort. Ich denke mir für die Person ein paar Fragen aus und sie darf sich ein Foto und ein Musikvideo wünschen. Voilà! Ich hab ein paar Kommentare in Klammern dahinter gesetzt.

In Featuring...I let others talk. I give them some questions and they can choose a photo and a music video. Voilà! I made some comments in brackets.


You are blogging, too. What is your blog about and why did you start it?

My blog is basically about my ideas about life, random thoughts I have and how I feel about certain things. I started it because a friend of mine told me I should start one. I ended up making one and now I enjoy writing there, though not a daily basis

(Visit it! That's all I can say :D)

Who inspires you?

I guess I get inspired by nature and people. Real heroes inspire me, but real people do too. I get inspired way too easily I think, but I believe I channel that inspiration into certain actions I take and make them better.

What is a perfect day like for you?

A perfect day is a day when I win a medal at swimming, my favorite sport. Whenever I do so, it instantly becomes a perfect day.  (Go for gold!)
Besides that, my days are always perfect. I think that if something goes wrong, it was supposed to go that way.

What are your dreams?

I dream of being a rich, important surgeon, having a private yacht (to share with Sophia), getting married with the perfect girl and having the perfect little children.

(Yeeah, I'm totally okay with these plans ;p)

An answer you always wanted to give but nobody ever asked the question for? Here is the place for it :D

(Question: Why did you ... ? )
Because God said so. :D
Dudes's photo:

(here he shows his "nice craziness" :D)

Here should be a video but the link said: not available in your country... so it will follow later.

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