Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011

Traveling through Time and Fashion 3

Favourite and Oh-My-Gosh pictures. With Vogue it is difficult. Some of their fashion shoots look strange and sometimes you don't even get interested in the clothes because you are so distracted by what is around. But do not get me wrong! I love fashion photography and there are many fashion shoots i practically fell in love with. In this post I am mixing advertisement and photo shoots. Hope you enjoy!

You can say what you want but don't they look like they came from a planet far far away and want to conquer our world?

Ok, I would wear something under that cardigan but she looks awesome. This giant christal around her neck is the best accessories I can imagine here. 

I think it is stunning how she stands there, looking like an angel while wearing a biker jacket, a loose boyfriend shirt and baggy trousers. Her "I-just-woke-up-with-this-hairdo" is the essential part I think. And that her eyes are closed.

Well, a golden condom that can kill people who look at you. Great thing?!

I could not say whether this is  a "new" or an "old" ad. It looks timeless beautiful. By the way it is "old". Quite nice for the early nineties, huh?

photos from Vogues 92 and 2011

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