Samstag, 19. November 2011


Ihr alle kennt die Szenen im Regen. Aus Filmen und vielleicht ja sogar aus eurem eigenen Leben. Grundlegend gibt es zwei Arten von ihnen. (Die deutsche Fassung kommt später, ich bin momentan zu beschäftigt...und der Trick erst auf englisch zu schreiben damit man das deutsche dann nur noch so runterschreiben kann hat wie man sieht nicht besonders gut funktioniert)

You all know the scenes in the rain. From films and maybe even from your own life. Basically there are two types of them. 
First the ones where the hero stands on the street alone and the water is dripping down his sad face. It is the ultimate symbol for sadness and I think everyone was in a situation where everything went so wrong and then even the weather started to make your clothes soaked up. Or at least we imagined something like this to happen. And sure, the rain, the wet such a moment you stand there, not able to move at al and totally convinced that this will cause a deadly disease and your horrible life will take an horrible end.
Ok, you won't die and life will go on after this break up (I think that a break up made you stand in the rain, the movies told me so!) so here is the second kind of scenes in which people are in the rain.
It includes two people, or let us say a couple, who are not doing much (unless you are in Step Up 2 but I will come to this later) but being close to each other. 
Some days ago I had a dream that included a rain scene. We sat on a bench, waiting for the bus, in an unknown town and it was raining (very much). We talked a bit and he slowly he came closer and then laid his arm around me. There was a short misunderstanding (no love story without a little problem) but then he pulled even nearer to his warm self and I laid my head on his shoulder. I am pretty sure that we wore only t-shirts and not jackets like it would be useful in the rain (plus in the moment it is winter here!) but dreams are not logical and like this it was the perfect time. Although we just sat there doing nothing it gave me this warm, deep and a bit dizzy feeling that you could call love, or so. 
The rain was totally necessary here because it makes everything more dramatic and is the perfect excuse to approach each other.
When the couple is enthusiastically in love or when they are part of a dancing film (Step Up 2 the Streets) this scene can also transform in a pretty amazing dance performance!
If you are a pro in dancing you can use all the water as a great effect. When you are just happy in love but your boyfriend is not Channing Tatum/girlfriend is not Briana Evigan (she is the female part) you can dance in the rain as well. There won't be many people around and even if, they won't see the mistakes because the rain covers them up. And remember: Don't slip.

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